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  • How do I get my nursery or related business listed in the FindNurseries directory?  

  • Answer - We have two listing options - standard and deluxe. Click here for the listing form and more info on the difference between the two.

  • We have a web site.  How do we get it listed with you so when someone searches and finds us they can click on our web site?

  • Answer - Listing of website address and email address is a deluxe listing option. We also have a free links section. Click here to see it. Any one with a nursery business related website may submit a link for free.

  • I needed the website address! Why don't you list that?

  • Answer - Listing of the website address and email address is an option in the deluxe listings and is up to the nursery owner.

  • Do you list nurseries by location!

  • Answer - Nurseries by location can be found by going to the state home page and/or choosing the state on the search form drop down list, at top right of our pages then type in the city name, area code or zip code you want. You will get a complete list of nurseries for the area designated.

  • Who uses this site? The consumer? Then you need to list the town name next to the garden center/nursery on the big (state) list.

  • Answer - Nurseries by location can be found by going to the state home page and/or choosing the state on the search form drop down list, then in the search box just type in the city name you want.

  • Who uses this site? Salespeople? Then you need to list by category (garden center, grower, wholesale, florist.

  • Answer - Just enter the category you want in the search box and if the nursery owner has chosen to be listed under this category or has this word in the business name you will see the listing in the search results.

  • The big state list doesn't read easily-maybe allow store logos.

  • Answer - A paid listing option.

  • Do you offer a printable list of nurseries for my state?

  • Answer - No, not enough demand for us to offer this service.

  • I submitted my free listing and it still isn't listed! what's going on?

  • Answer - We update the free listings every few weeks but due to our other business growth we are way behind. We have a farm and an Internet Service and website hosting business and we must prioritize our time between paid and free work. We are very busy.

  • Update to the above answer: We now have a one time $6.00 insertion fee to publish your listing. With this we can now afford the time or the employee's time to keep the listing submissions properly updated. We guarantee to publish all new listing submissions within 36 hrs unless we are on vacation or it is during the holidays when the listing is submitted.

  • Your question not answered? More FAQs will be added as they are asked. Click here to ask a question not in the FAQ.

  • Some times a question is better asked in our forum, this way the whole nursery community can provide answers. 

  • If you need to find something (plant, tree, or nursery) that is not in our listing please ask in the forum. Everything we have a source for is already listed on this web site. We can not provide any more information then what is published here.

  • Looking for a certain plant? Ask about it in our "Plants Wanted" listings. Lots of nursery owners visit the web site and usually they are happy to help fill your need, After all it is their business!

  • Your Nursery Business needs a Web Site!

  • builds and host nursery web sites. We can publish your web site in your colors with your information and keep it within your budget. A complete nursery web site can be published for $250.00 or less. Monthly cost are only $9.95

  • Nursery owners know how much can be spent on advertising. Why not publish your sales and listings of stock online? You local customers will visit your web site often saving you the cost of frequent sales fliers/inserts in the local paper. Our website customers always tell us that a website was a good investment. One of the very best and most cost effective ways available to get the word out to their customers.

  •  The cost of one newspaper insert can pay for your web site for over 1 year!

  • You can get an email signup list on your web site for only $4.95 per month. Your local customers will sign up for your email sales flyers. They do not consider your sales flyers Spam because it is from a local business they know and trust!

  • You can send email to all of your customers each week with a few clicks. It is as easy as sending regular email. You just login to your email list. Then copy your sales flyer to your new mail window and press the send button.

  •  It really is just that easy! with a few clicks you have sent your sales flyer to many hundreds of eager local customers who await it's arrival every week. They will rush down to your nursery to grab the specials listed in your email sales flyer.

  • Why continue to pay for paper sales flyers? You must publish thousands in the hope that only a few hundred will respond.

  • With a web site you publish your information only once and it is read by hundreds or thousands of local customers who visit your web site. 

  • A web site will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year and pay for itself hundreds of times over. Then you can kick things into overdrive with the addition of an email sign up form like the one we use. 

  • Click here to see the email sign up form. This is how your email sign up form will look and operate.



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