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Below you will find a comparison chart showing the difference between paid and free listings.

We would like to remind you that the paid listings allow much more information about your business to be published and have the added benefit of up to 200 key search words added so your listing will be found much more easily by your customers. 

Is a deluxe listing worth it? 
Diona Peltcs owner Arizona Nursery Stock Thinks so!

Arizona Nursery Stock received results within 6 days after we were listed,

We got a call from New York for an order!
Thank You!

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Note: builds and host nursery business websites! 
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Listing type - Free  or Deluxe standard Deluxe
Your business listing on it's own web page.  Check Mark Check Mark
Business name, address and phone number. Check Mark Check Mark
Business name, address and phone number Plus as much information as you like about your business published on your listing page. Example   Check Mark
Link to your website published on listing page. 
  Check Mark
Your Email address published on listing page.   Check Mark
Up to 200 Key words added so your customers can find you by searching with terms such as plant names etc.   Check Mark
For other companies on top and bottom of your listing page.
  Check Mark
Professional styling that will enhance your reputation. Example   Check Mark
Opening and closing time listed if you like.   Check Mark
Your Logo, graphics or Picture of your nursery Example   Check Mark
Your deluxe listing will be helping an organization that is working hard to promote the nursery industry online and keep your cost as low as possible!   Check Mark
We have a new Deluxe listing option - Pay a one time fee and your deluxe listing will be permanently displayed in our directory. We even allow updates as needed for free. Just email updates to us and we will place them on your listing as needed. Click the Deluxe listing link below for details.   Check Mark
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