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North Carolina Nurseries

A K Nursery
Specializing in American and
English Boxwoods

3612 Trent Street
Charlotte NC 28209 

Boxwood Specialists
310 Belnette Drive
Lewisville, NC 27023

A & A Plants
A B Seed & Co
A Country Garden
A Growing Concern
Adcox Nursery
Aldridge & Carpenter Nursery
All Seasons Greenhouse & Gdns
All Seasons Nursery
All Year Nursery
Allen's Nursery
A K Nursery
American Continental Inc
American Nursery & Landscaping
American Peat Co
Andrews Farms & Nursery
Another Place In Thyme Inc
Apex Nurseries Inc
Appalachian Design
Arbor Fields
Arcadia Nursery & Garden Ctr
Architectural Trees
Argura Nurseries
Arrowhead Wholesale Nursery
Ash's Japanese Maple Nursery
Askew Farm & Nursery
Atlantic Avenue Lawn & Garden
Aurora Hill Farms Nursery
Avalon Gardens Inc
Avalon Gardens Inc
B & D Southern States-Graham
B & R Nursery
Bailey Lawn & Garden Ctr
Bailey's Nursery & Produce
Baker Landscaping
Banner Place Nursery
Barefoot Lawnscape
Barefoot's Tlc Nursery
Barr Evergreens Inc
Baskets & Flowers Greenhouse
Baynes Nursery
Beaver Dam Nursery
Bentwood Nursery
Big Bloomers Flower Farm
Big Four Nursery
Big Gate Landscaping & Garden
Big Horse Creek Farm
Big Springs Nursery
Bird Shoals Trading Co
Blackburn's Nursery
Blanket Creek Nursery
Bloomers Greenhouses
Blooming Valley Nursery
Blue Ridge Greenhouse
Bock's Nursery
Bonnie's Craft & Garden Ctr
Bonsai Learning Ctr
Botanical Beauty
Boxwood Nursery
Boxwood Specialists
Boyte Lutz Landscaping & Nrsry
Brame's Landscaping & Lawn
Branching Out At The Blossom
Brawley's Landscaping & Nrsry
Breece's Greenhouse Garden Ctr
Breeze Hill
Breezy Hill Garden Ctr Inc
Briarpatch Nursery
Bridges Roses
Briggs Garden Ctr
Broadwell's Nursery
Brook's Wyldwood Nursery Inc
Brown's Nursery
Brunswick Turf Inc
Buchanan's Nursery
Bud's Plants
Bynum Farm & Nursery
C & C Nursery
C & G Nursery
Cabe's Nursery
Cady Industries Inc
Caimen Gardens Nursery
Cam Too Camellia Nursery
Camellia Forest Nursery
Cameron's Nursery
Campbell Road Nursery
Campbell's Greenhouses
Canebreak Nursery
Capp's Nursery
Carolina Garden & Farm Svc Inc
Carolina Gardens
Carolina Gardens 2
Carolina Gardens Of Wilmington
Carolina Planters & Nursery
Carolina Seasons Nursery
Carriage House
Carrigan Farms
Carteret Nursery
Cary Garden Ctr
Casey Garden Ctr
Cathey's Creek Nursery
Catlett's Flowers & Produce
Cedar Creek Nursery
Cedar Lane Nursery
Cedar Point Nursery
Celo Farm Nursery
Central Garden Ctr & Nursery
Chappell's Nursery
Chattooga Gardens
Cherry Fields Farm & Greenhses
Cherryville Tree & Shrub Nrsry
Chesterfield Nursery
Childers Nursery
Christa's Country Corner
Christy's Nursery Inc
Church's Nursery
Church's Tree Farm
Clark's Nursery Of Jonas Ridge
Clark's Nursery-Jonas Ridge
Clay Hill Nursery
Clay's Garden Supply Inc
Clayton's Lawn & Garden Supply
Click's Nursery & Garden Ctr
Cline Church Nursery
Cline Landscaping & Greenhouse
Clinton Nursery & Plant Farm
Cloer Nursery Co
Coastal Nursery & Garden Ctr
Coastal Oasis Greenhouse
Coffey Brothers Construction
Cole's Phoenix Mountain Grnry
Concord Landscaping & Nursery
Coniston Farms Nursery Ctr
Cooley's Nursery
Copeland Nursery
Cornerstone Nursery & Garden
Cottage Gardens & Greenhouses
Cottle Farms Inc
Coulter Farms
Country Garden Green Houses
Country Garden Nursery Inc
Country Gardens 1
Country Gardens 2
Country Gardens 3 Nursery Svc
Country Herritage Nersery
Country Meadows Nursery
Country Nursery & Landscaping
Country Road Farms Inc
Cpc Wholesale
Creative Gardens Inc
Creative Landscape Designs
Creekside Farm Nursery
Creekview Antiques
Crescent Resources Inc
Crescent Resources Inc 2
Crooked Pine Nurseries Ltd
Croom's Nursery & Landscaping
Cross Garden Ctr/Retail Store
Crown Agricultural Ctr
Csb Landscaping
Currin's Nursery
D J Nursery & Landscaping
Dale's Greenhouse
Danieley Nursery
Darden's Greenhouse & Nursery
Darnell's Country Greenhouse
Davis Boxwood & Daylily Nursery
David's Nursery
Dearness Gardens
Deep Creek Nursery Inc
Deerfiled Blueberry Nursery
Dellinger Wholesale Nursery
Deppe Gardens
Dickinson Garden Ctr
Diddley Dadburn Tree Plnttn
Dilworth's Little Secret
Dirtyfingers Old Garden Flower
Dogwood Gardens Nursery & Gift
Dove's Nursery
Dual Venture Farm
Dunn's Nursery & Garden Shop
Duplin Nursery & Garden Ctr
Efird's Nursery & Farm Inc
Enchanted Nursery
Ever Green Farms
Evergreen Lawn & Garden Ctr
Extended Garden Herb Farm
Fair View Nursery Inc
Fairview Greenhouses & Garden
Fairview Nursery & Garden Ctr
Falls Lake Nursery
Family Home & Garden 1
Family Home & Garden 2
Family Home & Garden 3
Farm House Gardeners
Farm Store
Farmers J's Nursery
Farmstead Nursery
Faust Nursery
Feather Hills Nursery
Feed Seed Supply Co
Feed-Seed Supply Garden Ctr
Fern Valley Farms
Finch Blueberry Nursery
Fishing Creek Nursery
Flat River Nursery
Flower & Foilage Farm
Flower Time
Flynthill Farm
Foothills Evergreen
Foothills Nursery & Herbs
Forest Hills Nursery
Forest Sound Nursery
Four Oaks Garden Ctr
Franklin Brothers Nursery Inc
Franklin Seed Store & Garden
Fry Nursery & Landscaping Svc
Fulp's Tree Farm & Landscaping
Furr's Garden Master
Furr's Of Mint Hill Garden Ctr
G V Payne Nursery
Garden Gates
Garden Patch
Garden Scape
Garden Secrets
Garden Supply Co
Garden Valley Nursery
Gardens Of The Blue Ridge
Garner Nursery & Garden Ctr
Gary's Nursery
Gentrees Grower Supplies
George's Greenhouse
Gethsemane Garden & Landscape
Gibson's Nursery
Gilmore Plant & Bulb Co
Glenn's Nursery
Gnome Nest Nursery
Godley's Garden Ctr & Nrsry
Good Earth Landscaping
Good Earth Nursery
Goode's Tree Movers & Lndscpng
Gossett's Landscape Nursery
Graham's Greenhouse
Grandfather Mountain Nursery
Grant's Creek Nursery
Grass Root Gardens
Great Outdoors
Green Acres Nursery
Green Acres Plant Farm
Green Haven Plant Farm 2
Green Hill Farm Inc
Green Thumb
Greendale Nursery
Greene & Taylor Nurseries Inc
Greener Visions Nursery
Greenhills Greenhouse
Greenleaf Nursery Co
Greensboro Shrub Nursery
Greenway Gardens & Nursery Inc
Greenwood Nursery Inc
Greer's Nursery & Tree Farm
Groundmaster Lawn & Landscape
Grouse Ridge Christman Tree
Guilford Garden Ctr
Gulley's Garden Ctr Inc
H & M Greenhouses
H Andrews Co
Hallman Greenhouse & Nursery
Hardin's Gardens & Greenhouses
Harmony Gardens Nursery
Harold's Nursery & Greenhouses
Harper's Nursery
Harper's Nursery Inc
Harrell Brothers Tree Farm
Haw Creek Landscaping Supply
Hefner's Nursery
Henderson's Green House
Hendersonville Nursery/Garden
Henn's Plant Farm
Herbert West Plant Farm
Hester Road Nursery
Hickory Hill Nursery
Hidden Cove Nursery
High Country Greenhouses
High Mountain Co
High Mountain Options
Highland Fraser Firs
Highland Fraser Firs
Highlands Lawn & Garden
Hillside Nursery Wholesale Co
Hilltop Farm
Hilltop Nursery
Hinnant's Nursery Landscaping
His & Hers Greenhouse
Holder & Son Nursery
Holland Landscaping Inc
Homewood Nursery Inc
Hopkin's Nursery & Aviary
Horn's Greenhouse
Huber's Florist & Greenhouses
Hunts Nurseries & Bonsai
Ingram Nursery Lot
International Paper Co
J & S Nursery
Jack's Farm & Garden Ctr
Jackson's Lawn Care
Jay's Nursery
Jbt Nursery
Jenkins Nursery
Jenny's Garden Ctr
Jernigan's Nursery
Jesse Israel & Sons Garden Ctr
Jim-Jo Nursery
Jimmy Jackson Landscaping
Joe H Safrit's Nursery
Joe's Landscaping & Nursery Co
Johnson Brothers Nursery
Johnston's County Nurserymen's
Jon' Nelson's 321 Nursery
Jones Nursery
Jones Tree Farm Inc
Juniper Lake Nursery & Grnhse
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K J Nursery & Landscaping
K's Plants & Flowers
Karriker Daylily Gardens
Kawana Nursery
Kenyon Bailey Supply Inc
Kiefer Landscaping Inc
Kiser's Nursery
Knats Creek Nursery
Lake Gaston Nursery
Lakeview Gardens
Lakeview Nursery & Garden Ctr
Lambeth Farms
Landscape Services Co
Landscapes & Leisure
Landscapes By Lex Nursery
Lanvale Nursery
Larry Whittington Nurseries
Latham's Farm & Nursery
Laurel Creek Nurseries Inc
Laurel Hill Nursery
Laurel Springs Nursery
Layton's Nursery
Leary Plant Farm & Nursery
Lee & Sons Nursery Inc
Lenior Green Scene
Lester J Brown & Son Nursery
Let's Go Outside
Lewis Nursery
Lewis Strawberry Nursery Inc
Lighthouse Nursery
Lilywell Flower Farm
Little Snow Creek Nursery
Living Landscapes Inc
Lloyd's Of Landscape Ltd
Lockamy's Greenhouses
Logan Trading Co
Long Leaf Nursery & Lndscpng
Long's Plant Farm
Longhill Nursery
Lothell's Stump Removal
Ludy Tree Care
Luther Greenhouses
M J Fitzgerald Nursery Inc
Mabe's Garden Ctr
Marley's Greenhouse
Mary's Flower House
Mason's Lawn & Garden Ctr
May-Mak Plant Farm Inc
Mayo's Nursery
Mc Adenville Nursery
Mc Cann's Evergreen
Mc Corkle Nurseries
Mc Coury's Nursery
Mc Daniel Nursery
Mc Ginnis Farms Inc
Mc Lamb Nursery
Mc Queen's Nursery
Meadow Road Nursery
Means Nursery Inc
Medlin Seed Co
Melody Farms Nursery
Merritt's Greenhouses
Messenbrink's Perennials
Michael's Hillside Nursery
Michael's Lawn & Garden Ctr
Middle Earth Plantary Inc
Midway Nursery & Landscaping
Midway Nursery Inc
Mike's Pine Needles
Miles Landscaping & Nursery
Mill Creek Greenhouses
Mills Maples
Minden Hill Farms
Mofield's Nursery
Monterey Nursery
Moore County Garden Spot
Morris Nursery & Landscaping
Morton's Nursery & Florist
Mountain Creek Gardens
Mountain Willow Nursery
Mountaineer Garden Ctr Florist
Mountaineer Landscaping Inc
Mr Willie's Lawn & Garden Ctr
Munden Garden Ctr Inc
Murfreesboro Nursery
Nance-Jordan Nurseries Inc
Nature's Harmony
Nell's Florist Gift Shop
Nelson Greenhouses
Nelson Nursery
Nelson's Nursery
Neuse Plant & Bark Co
New Garden Landscaping & Nrsry
New Garden Landscaping & Nrsry 2
New Garden Of Eden
New Hope Greenhouses
Newsom's Mill Nursery
Niche Gardens
Northrop's Insectivorous Plant
Northwest Tree & Stone Co
Norwood Plants & Garden Ctr
Nursery Co
Oak Grove Nursery
Oak Ridge Nursery & Produce
Oakboro Acres Nursery Inc
Oakdale Greenhouses
Oakland Nursery
Oakmont Landscaping & Nursery
Oakwood Farms
Old Mill Stream Nursery
Old North State Nursery
Old Well Nursery
Olive Branch Gardens
One Two Tree Nursery & Farms
Onslow Nursery
Outback Nursery
Outdoor Design Landscaping
Outdoorsman Inc
Owen Garden Ctr & Nursery
Panther Creek Boxwood Gardens
Panther Creek Nursery
Parnell's Green Path Nursery
Parnell's Green Path Nursery
Patterson's Nursery
Pear Tree Nursery
Pearsall's Garden Ctr & Nrsry
Pender Pines Garden Ctr
Penny's Nursery
Perkins' Nursery Group
Perennial Gardener
Perennial Gardener-Ogden Brnch
Perry's Water Garden
Peter's Tree Svc
Phillip's Nursery
Picket Fence Garden
Piedmont Nursery
Pierce's Nursery & Landscaping
Pine Lake Nursery & Landscape
Pine Products
Piney Ridge Nursery Co
Plant & See Nursery
Plant Farm
Plant Masters Nursery
Plant Park
Plantmore Nursery Inc
Plantry Nursery & Greenhouse
Plantworks Landscape Nursery
Poe's Nursery & Landscaping
Porter Knox Nursery
Post's Nursery
Posy Patch
Potted Plant
Potted Plant Greenhouse
Potter's Greenhouse
Potting Shed
Potting Shed
Poverty Flats Greenhouse
Pratts Landscape Nursery
Price's Florist & Garden Ctr
Protech Environmental Supply
Providence Nursery Farms Inc
Pungo Nursery
Quaker Meadows Nursery
R B Cronland Building Supply
R C Cook Nursery
Rabbit Creek Nursery
Rainbow Garden Ctr
Rake & Hoe Design Svc
Raleigh Road Nursery
Raven Oak Nursery
Ray's Florist & Greenhouse
Ray's Nursery & Landscaping
Raymond's Lawn Home & Garden
Rcd Professional Landscaping
Rea Road Nursery & Garden Ctr
Red Mill Landscape & Nursery
Reedy Creek Nursery
Reems Creek Valley Nursery
Renfrow Nursery
River Crossing
Riverside Bonsai & Nursery
Riverside Nursery
Roberson's Nursery & Landscpg
Rose Creek Nursery & Landscpg
Round Peak Tree Farm
Rountree Plantation Greenhouse
Roxanne's Nursery
Roxboro Nursery
Roy & Roy Brewer Tree Farms
Roy Brewer Tree Farm
Roy's Nursery
Royal Gardens
Rufty's Garden Shop
Russell W Tarlton Inc
S & H Feed & Garden Supply
S & L Bark Inc
Salmon Creek Nursery
Sampson Nursery
Sandhills Community Pine
Sandy Mush Herb Nursery
Scaly Mountain Nursery
Scoggins Landscaping & Nursery
Scott's Herbs & Plants
Sedgefield Lawn & Garden Ctr
Selo Farm Nursery
Settlemyre Nursery
Setzer's Greenhouse & Nursery
Seven Springs Nursery
Seven-O-One Nursery
Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery
Shagreen Nursery & Arboretum
Sheets Greenhouse Inc
Shelby Nursery & Garden Ctr
Shelton Herb Farm
Shepherds Landscape Supply
Sherwood Forest Nrsy & Landscp
Sigmon Farm & Garden Ctr
Sinbad Crafts & Plants
Sloan's Plant Farm
Smith Evergreen Nursery
Smith Nursery
Smith's Green House & Nursery
Smitherman's Nursery
Smithfield Nursery
Smoky Mountain Nursery
Southern Accent Nursery
Southern Bloom Nursery
Southern Comfort Plants
Southern Lawns Plus
Southern Oasis Nursery
Southern Tree & Landscape Co
Southernwood Farm & Nursery
Spring Lake Gardens
Spring Meadow Greenhouses
Spring Valley Nursery
Sprouse's Koi & Pond Supply
Stanley Lawn & Garden Ctr
Steele Creek Nursery
Stephens Nursery
Stephenson's Nursery
Still Fork Nursery
Stoneville Nursery Inc
Stowe Nursery
Suddreth Tree & Lawn Svc
Sugar Mountain Nursery
Sugar Mountain Wreath
Sugar Plum Mountain Nursery
Sundance Landscaping Wholesale
Sunny Point Nursery
Sunset Landscape Contractors
Sunshine Garden Ctr 1
Sunshine Garden Ctr 2
Sunshine Garden Ctr 3
Swift Creek Nursery
Table Rock Nursery & Landscpg
Tarheel Native Trees
Tate's Nursery & Garden Ctr
Tatum Tree Farms
Taylor's Nursery & Plant Farm
Taylor's Nursery Inc
Thomas Brothers Nursery Co
Thompson & Daughter Nursery
Thompson Nursery Inc 1
Thompson Nursery Inc 2
Thompson's Tree Farm
Three Oaks Ltd Nursery
Timberlake Nursery
Tinga Nursery Inc
Tom & Connie Miller Tree Farm
Tom's Creek Farm & Nursery
Touch Of Class Plants
Town & Country Greenhouses
Townes Nursery & Landscaping
Tree Frog Nursery
Tree Country Nursery
Tri-Co Landscape Materials
Triad Landscape Supply
Triangle Nursery & Garden Ctr
Triple H Nursery & Landscaping
Trivette's Nursery & Evergreen
Turkey Foot Nursery
Turley Farms
Turtle Creek Nursery
Twinpine Nursery & Irrigation
Udderly Green Nursery & Grnhse
Unique Gardening Inc
University Gardens & Gifts
Upchurch Garden Ctr
Vaughan's Blue Ridge Nursery
Villa Flowers & Shrubs
W M Woodruff's Son Inc
W M Woodruff's Son Inc
Waccamaw River Farm & Nursery
Wagoner's Wholesale Nursery
Wall's Creek Nursery & Garden
Walters Nursery & Landscaping
Waltham Gardens
Washington Evergreen Nursery
Watkins Plant Farms
Watson's Nursery & Garden Ctr
We-Du Nurseries
Webster Wholesale Nursery
Weeks Flower Garden
Westbrook Farm Nursery
White House Garden Ctr
White's Hardware
Whitener's Greenhouses
Whitewater Gardens Inc
Wilde Oaks Nursery
Wildwood Nursery & Garden Ctr
Wilkie's Greenhouses
Williams Garden & Wildlife Ctr
Wilson Farm Nursery
Wing Haven Nursery Shop
Wnc Landscaping Svc
Wood Road Nursery
Wood Valley
Woodard Pecan Nursery
Woodland Nursery
Yadkin Valley Nursery Co
Zelenka Nursery Inc

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| Nursery business websites for less - has 1 user(s) online and 1 visitors since January 1st 2003